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Aspiration of our own……

Akita's wind energy to you flown

  • President and CEOHiroyuki Sato

VENTI JAPAN operates the wind energy power plants in Japan Sea side of Tohoku and Hokkaido area which is well-known for its abundant and uncomparable wind energy resources.

The reflection of too much dependance on fossil energy as well as controvertial disputes on nuclear power plants raised by the Fukushima's disaster in the Great East Japan Earthquake made expectation towards renewable energy remarkably extensive.

Akita prefecture, VENTI JAPAN's main business land, is proud of its huge potentiality in renewable energy resources including wind, geothermal, biomass, etc. Especially, wind energy in this region is widely recognized as one of the most potential in Japan. The introduction of FIT (feed-in-tariff) in Japan gave a big incentive for new entrants in the market.

Taking advantage of the local surroundings, VENTI JAPAN has been promoting to inaugurate new wind power plants as well as related businesses like maintenance, among other things. Furthermore we intend to explore the possibility for creating relevant manufacturing industries of the power plant facilities.

Please look forward to our coming expansion of business and contribution to the local community.